Cisco ASA 5505 Unlimited-User Security Plus Bundle includes
+ 8-port Fast Ethernet switch
+ 25 IPsec VPN peers
+ 2 SSL VPN peers
+ Stateless Active/Standby high availability
+ 3DES/AES license

Price: 18,500,000 đ

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The Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance is a next-generation, full-featured security appliance for small business, branch office, and enterprise teleworker environments. The Cisco ASA 5505 delivers high-performance firewall, SSL and IPsec VPN, and rich networking services in a modular, “plug-and-play” appliance. Using the integrated Cisco ASDM, the Cisco ASA 5505 can be rapidly deployed and easily managed, enabling businesses to minimize operations costs. The Cisco ASA 5505 features a flexible 8-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch, whose ports can be dynamically grouped to create up to three separate VLANs for home, business, and Internet traffic for improved network segmentation and security. The Cisco ASA 5505 provides two Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, enabling simplified deployment of Cisco IP phones with zero-touch secure voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities, and deployment of external wireless access points for extended network mobility. High-performance intrusion prevention and worm mitigation service is available with the addition of AIP SSC.  Multiple USB ports can be used to  enable additional services and capabilities  in the future.

As business needs grow, customers can install a Security Plus upgrade license, enabling the Cisco ASA 5505 to scale to support a higher connection capacity and up to 25 IPsec VPN users, add full DMZ support, and integrate into switched network environments through VLAN trunking support. Furthermore, this upgrade license maximizes business continuity by enabling support for redundant ISP connections and stateless Active/Standby high-availability services.

Businesses can also extend the Cisco ASA 5505’s VPN service by enabling SSL VPN remote access to support various mobile workers and business partners. Cisco Secure Remote-Access Solution deployments can scale up to 25 SSL VPN concurrent users on each Cisco ASA 5505 by installing an SSL VPN upgrade license.

This combination of market-leading security and VPN services, advanced networking features, flexible remote management capabilities, and future extensibility makes the Cisco ASA 5505 an excellent choice for businesses requiring a best-in-class small business, branch office, or enterprise teleworker security solution.

Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance Platform Capabilities and Capacities



Firewall Throughput

Up to 150 Mbps

Maximum Firewall and IPS Throughput

Up to 75 Mbps with AIP SSC-5

VPN Throughput

Up to 100 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions


IPsec VPN Peers

10; 25**

SSL VPN Peer License Levels*

2, 10, or 25


8-port Fast Ethernet switch with dynamic port grouping (including 2 PoE ports)

Virtual Interfaces (VLANs)

3 (no trunking support) / 20 (with trunking support)**

High Availability

Not supported; stateless Active/Standby and redundant ISP support**