Trainee in 2017


Trainee in 2017

+ The time recruitment : from 1/11/2016 to 30/11/2016.

+ Request

As students studying IT-related industries, with a sense of responsibility.
Passionate network infrastructure, basic knowledge of network devices, servers, computers …
There are morning or afternoon free time during the day, committed to continuous learning at the company 06 months

+ Job Description

The first months learning how to work in teams, the support tools in the office work, company culture, executes instructions are handed over as scheduled.
Second month study and practice of updating information on the company website, web SEO company.
Third month study and practice products configurable network infrastructure equipment Cisco – DLink – Hp – DrayTek (wireless, camera, switch layer 2, layer 3, …)
Fourth month – year study and practice of building a network for small business
Sixth month internship thesis

+ Conditions of Participation

Ages 22-25
Gender: irrespective (preferably female)

+ Employee Benefits

Subsidies practice salary
Employees the opportunity to become official

Trainee in 2017 We welcome all applicants who want to be challenged to experience life through this difficult job, we do not promise you a high income, but we are sure about the values that you will learned in our ...